Our Story

The restaurant Al Saray Fine Lebanese and Indian Cuisine endorses the same standard of excellence in food and service as with all other Gourmet House branches.

Our vision is to be the leading Lebanese and Indian cuisine dining establishment in Thailand, while giving our diners superior value-for-money.

Our Team

Taking lead in the kitchen are our chefs from Lebanon and India who, together with a team of dedicated personnel,
work harmoniously to achieve the highest standard of efficiency and service.

Chef Mahdi

Chef Mahdi prides himself on his communication skills.  Since being appointed two years ago, he has always taken a pro-active role in customer satisfaction at Al Saray Fine Lebanese And Indian Cuisine.  

“I enjoy meeting our guests and making sure every dish reaches them in a timely manner – not just as they had anticipated, but even better!”  

In similar style, he brings an outsize, outgoing personality to maximizing team effort in the kitchen.  It helps that he knows every facet of Lebanese-style food preparation and cooking intimately.

After gaining his bachelor’s degree at Hospitality Management School in his native Beirut, Mahdi Zehri set out to learn through experience.  He rose quickly through the ranks at a succession of mainly five-star establishments in his region, starting just eleven years ago with Le Boulanger Restaurants Group in Abu Dhabi.

2012 found him appointed Chef-in-charge at Kababji Lebanese Restaurant in Khalifa City, and he returned to the UAE two years later as Executive Chef at the much-praised Zayzafoon Restaurant.

Following this hurtling progress, he took up his position at Al Saray two years ago, while still under the age of thirty.  But youthful enthusiasm hardly explains his rapid rise or his continuing success.  

It’s more about skillful management of time and people, he explains, and plain old-fashioned hard work.  “There’s one more thing,” adds Chef Mahdi with a characteristically broad smile. “I really love a challenge!”

Chef Sam

Born in the foothills of the Himalayas, Chef Sampooran brings the magic of his picturesque home region to Al Saray Fine Lebanese and Indian Cuisine, along with the prime experience of over twenty years as Head Chef at restaurants, resorts and hotels in his native India and the Middle East.

Beginning at the Taj group of hotels in Delhi and Mumbai, Chef Samparoon – known as Sam – went on to work at major establishments in Kuwait and Bahrain.  He was noted, not only for his culinary skills, but also for sharpening up operations in the kitchens he took charge of, while motivating his team and securing a rare degree of loyalty.

“I found I was able to get everyone working more efficiently, without losing a single member of staff.”

At Al Saray, he has won plaudits for the creativity of his recipes and the originality of his menus.  

“Nobody loves the traditions of Indian cuisine more than me.  But too many restaurants rely on a repertoire of tried and trusted favourites.  I like to use modern methods and incorporate seasonally-available ingredients within the tradition I belong to.”

Regular guests testify to the success he has achieved, with dish after dish that satisfies expectations while at the same time springing a delicious surprise. 


Food Wise

Both Lebanese and Indian cuisines are renowned to be healthy and are noted for their prominent use of herbs, seasoning and spicing. A typical Lebanese meal starts with small Mezze serving, Taboule salad, Hummus dip, Vine leaves and Kebbeh that also incorporate olive oil and garlic. Meanwhile, the entrée usually consists of healthy grilled meat, chicken and fish in addition to bread. Indian food is best known for its diverse use of spices that culminates in a curry, a variety of naan bread and yogurt. The meal is heavy on spicing, which is accompanied by spiced tea for the purpose of promoting digestion.