Our Story

The restaurant Al Saray Fine Lebanese and Indian Cuisine endorses the same standard of excellence in food and service as with all other Gourmet House branches.

Our vision is to be the leading Lebanese and Indian cuisine dining establishment in Thailand, while giving our diners superior value-for-money.

Our Team

Taking lead in the kitchen are our chefs from Lebanon and India who, together with a team of dedicated personnel, work harmoniously to achieve the highest standard of efficiency and service.

Chef Biographies

Head Chef Hassan Farran (on the right of the picture), who was born in a family of chefs in Beirut,
and spent several years cooking for five-star resorts in Beirut and Dubai.

He works with New Delhi-born Chef Sampooran “Sam” Singh Panwar (on the left of the picture)at Al Saray Restaurant to offer a meticulously curated menu of Middle Eastern and Indian dishes.

Food Wise

Both Lebanese and Indian cuisines are renowned to be healthy and are noted for their prominent use of herbs, seasoning and spicing. A typical Lebanese meal starts with small Mezze serving, Taboule salad, Hummus dip, Vine leaves and Kebbeh that also incorporate olive oil and garlic. Meanwhile, the entrée usually consists of healthy grilled meat, chicken and fish in addition to bread. Indian food is best known for its diverse use of spices that culminates in a curry, a variety of naan bread and yogurt. The meal is heavy on spicing, which is accompanied by spiced tea for the purpose of promoting digestion.