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Salmon Biryani

Al Saray would like to introduce a new dish specialty created by our chef for this month. Salmon Biryani, salmon marinated and grilled in tandoori oven, served on Basmati rice cooked with Indian spices and herbs. Garnished with dill sprigs, roasted cashew nuts and caramelized onions. Price: THB 550 net. Open Daily Soonvijai: 02 319 4388 : 9 AM – 9 PM Silom: 02 234 4988 : 11 AM – 12 AM

Bukhari rice with Lamb Shank

Bukhari rice with Lamb Shank. A very popular recipe in the Middle East, especially loved in the Gulf countries, Bukhari Rice is an aromatic and flavorful dish with a wonderful fragrance, complex taste, and lovely colors from shredded carrots and spices.

Methi Malai Cranberry Chicken

Chicken breast is marinated with flavorful, aromatic Indian spices and refreshing cranberry puree. Cooked to perfection in luscious creamy gravy, hung curd, and corn flour in an oven, the chicken breast is served with potato wedges. 550THB

Indian Pilaf Rice with Grilled Salmon

Come taste the enchanting basmati rice cooked with onion, ginger, garlic, yogurt, and vegetables. Fragrant spices are added to the rice to enhance its flavor. Served with grilled salmon, this tasty dish is typically served in Northern India.

Lamb Kabsa

Lamb Kabsa : Spiced rice, tender lamb, and toasted nuts come together for a delicious and classic dish known as Lamb Kabsa. Kabsa is a fragrant rice dish that can be made with chicken or lamb. This dish originated in Saudi Arabia, hence is known as their national dish.

Ghee Roast Shrimp

Ghee Roast Shrimp — Indian-style butter baked shrimps with our signature Mala sauce. Shrimps are tossed with tamarind, garlic, and herbs to produce a slightly tangy and hot flavor. This unique and delicious dish served with dried coconut is available from 1-31 August 2022 only.

Fish Sayadieh

Fish Sayadieh — our Taste of the Month— is ready to be served. Baked sea bass fish with cumin flavored basmati rice , toped with caramelized onions, available only in July at all branches of Al Saray.

Lamb Shank Vindaloo

Lamb Shank Vindaloo — our Taste of the Month— is ready to be served. Vindaloo is a famous Indian dish originated from Goa in India. It’s a spicy dish made with Indian herbs and yogurt, available only in June at all branches of Al Saray.