Al Saray

Fine Lebanese & Indian Cuisine

Entering Al Saray Fine Lebanese and Indian Cuisine restaurant is like stepping into an exotic culinary realm swirling with colourful spices and aromatic seasonings from the region. It’s a sanctuary from the hustle-bustle of downtown Bangkok, an escape where homemade-style food and coffee from the orient are whipped up before your very eyes. We also welcome take-away orders.

Whether it is a business luncheon or family dinner, our team is always ready to please. On offer is a wide array of homemade menu, from small Lebanese mezze dishes and grilled & baked selections to Indian curry and desserts. Not only are our dishes strictly prepared according to Halal standard, but they also feature premium and healthy ingredients in respect of true Lebanese and Indian traditions.

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Lebanese Cuisine

Acclaimed to be fresh, healthy and also flavourful, Lebanese cuisine is in a league of its own. Its colourfulness is synonymous with Lebanon’s sunny landscape whilst the diversity of its ingredients reflects its richness.

Indian Cuisine

Owing much to an abundant use of spices and herbs, Indian food is known to enchant the palate with its aromatic delicacies. The secret lies in the cooking techniques, that perfect blending of flavours between the meat, vegetable and seasoning.

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Malai Kofta

from JUNE 2023

Malai Kofta เมนูสุดฮิตจากประเทศอินเดียเหนือ สำหรับคนทานมังสวิรัติโดยเฉพาะ! มันบดไส้ชีสผสมด้วยอัลมอนด์และลูกเกด ทานคู่กับแกงเครื่องเทศหอมๆจากมะเขือเทศ อัลมอนด์เกรวี่และครีมผักโขม จานพิเศษนี้เสิร์ฟเฉพาะเดือนมิถุนายนเท่านั้นค่า Malai kofta is one of most popular dishes in Northern India! Golden mashed potato & crumbled cottage cheese balls with almond and raisins are fried and served with creamy sauce made of tomatoes, spinach, almond and spices. Price: THB 450 net. Open...

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