From The Kitchen

Lebanese Cuisine

Acclaimed to be fresh, healthy and also flavourful, Lebanese cuisine is in a league of its own. Its colourfulness is synonymous with Lebanon’s sunny landscape whilst the diversity of its ingredients reflects its richness. The delicate preparations and subtleties in the flavours represent the Lebanese people’s warmth and hospitality.

Lebanese food is characterized by an extensive use of garlic, lemon juice and olive oil in combination with exotic ingredients harvested from the orient. A typical Lebanese meal starts with small dishes of mezze, followed by a wide selection of salads like Taboule and Fattouch, Hummus dip, Vine leaves and Kebbeh. Meanwhile, the main course usually consists of grilled meat, poultry and fish which are taken with bread. The meal will not be complete without a cup of Lebanese coffee.

Indian Cuisine

Owing much to an abundant use of spices and herbs, Indian food is known to enchant the palate with its aromatic delicacies. The secret lies in the cooking techniques, that perfect blending of flavours between the meat, vegetable and seasoning. In fact, the term curry is a generic description inaugurated by the west to refer to the 25 spices which are staples in the Indian diet.

An Indian meal comes complete with meat, vegetable dish, rice, naan bread as well as the cooling yogurt raita. Among the most popular Indian recipes is the oven-baked Tandoori Chicken. It is called a Biryani dish when served with the orange-coloured rice seasoned with dry fruits and nuts. Famous dessert includes the round Gulab Jamun balls followed by tea to promote digestion.

Al Saray Fine Lebanese and Indian Cuisine restaurant presents tasty delights, for example Taboule salad and Warak Enab. Our beverage menu encompasses homemade syrup, juices and yogurt in addition to traditional Lebanese coffee and Indian spiced tea, which are not to be missed.  Savour the popular Lebanese Mohalabieh for dessert.  Presented in a beautiful display, the desserts are ideal for take-away.