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Pan Seared Tandoori Salmon – Al Saray

Each pan seared salmon fillet is marinated tandoori-style in a gorgeous mix of garam masala, chopped green chili, ginger garlic paste, lemon juice, mustard oil and seasoning, then served with aloo palak, masala bhat and mole sauce.

Bamieh Bil Lahem

An irresistible stew, Bamieh Bil Lahem features the mouthwatering green pods of Okra, a favorite vegetable in Lebanon. Okra is known in some English-speaking countries as “lady’s fingers” or “gumbo”. Whatever the name, there is no denying its tenderness. Enjoy it at its finest with lamb and the unique ingredients in another of our Chef’s very own enticing recipes.

Indian Kofta Masala – Al Saray

One of the world’s favorite meatball dishes, Chicken Kofta, is highlight of the month at Al Saray Fine Lebanese and Indian Cuisine.  A rich onion and tomato masala gravy envelopes the minced chicken, while our Chef’s own mix of Indian herbs draws out every tender nuance of its flavor.

Lamb and Spinach Stew

Served with Vermicelli rice, Lamb and Spinach Stew is made extra special by the addition of fresh cilantro, a herb that brings delectability to this healthful, satisfying meal.

PRAWNS PILAF – Al Saray Silom

Whether known as PRAWNS PILAF or PRAWNS PILAU, long grain basmati rice is cooked with prawns, fresh vegetables and Indian herbs and spices. Then it’s tenderly baked over a low flame before being served with boondi raita and a garnish of roasted almonds, fresh coriander, mint & sirka onions. If that sounds tempting, just wait till you try our Chef Sam’s own specially rich and colorful version!   . . . Available at Al Saray Silom only

Promotion of April 2019

Lamb Kofta with Potatoes in Tomato Sauce is a hearty Lebanese casserole of Kofta with potatoes and tomatoes in a perfectly seasoned tomato sauce, served for maximum satisfaction over white vermicelli rice.

Promotion of March 2019

Indian-style Pan-fried Sea Bass Fillet is marinated with Indian spices and served on a bed of chana masala and tandoori paratha, plus a garnish of fresh chopped coriander, pea sprouts and fried red chili. It’s rich and filling – but you can indulge yourself confident that it’s loaded with nutrients, too!

Promotion of February 2019

Highlight of the month at Al Saray Fine Lebanese and Indian Cuisine is perhaps the most luxurious way ever to enjoy a “drumstick”.  In Bharwan Murgh Tangdi, a stuffed chicken leg flavored with aromatic Indian spices is slow cooked, then served with maa ki dal, jeera pulao and three garnishes: fresh cream, a little watercress and pickled onion.